This research is an investigation over the fear of emptiness. One of the most evident manifestations of fearing the emptiness is the fear of open spaces and of what is unbounded and unending, such as city squares and bridges.
How can the positive value of empty spaces be expressed? An empty space could be as much a representation of freedom for some city dwellers as a threat for others.
How can this feeling be reversed?
Emptiness may add the same value to people’s life as fullness does and its importance should not be underestimated. It may be as fundamental as the surrounded built environment.
My visual exploration shows similar dualism between emptiness and fullness as it happens for positivity and negativity: the existence of one implies the existence of the other.
How the unbounded can be represented?
Which is the relation between empty and full, positive and negative?
Is negative space as important as positive space?
Is emptiness determined by its relation with fullness?
These are some of the questions I tried to answer during my investigation.